Applied Forest Management
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Since 1927, Setzer Forest Products has been producing quality wood
products including mouldings, MDF, jambs, frames, and veneer. Our
commitment to quality and exellence in customer service sets us apart from
the rest. The pride and heritage that have been a company trademark
throughout our history continue to make Setzer Forest Products an industry
Affiliated Companies
ComSites West, LLC develops, owns and operates wireless
communications sites in Northern California, including tower and rooftop
communications facilities. ComSites develops new towers for wireless
carriers under our build-to-suit tower construction and ownership programs.
ComSites also develops towers jointly with land owners. ComSites acquires
towers through outright purchases and through purchase leaseback

ComSites West is committed to providing high quality, customer focused
services and we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. In doing
business with ComSites West you will be treated as a highly valued
customer, not just a tenant.
Olive Springs Quarry is a family owned granite quarry conveniently located
in the middle of Santa Cruz County.          

We offer base rock, drain rock, gabion, boulders and sand.  We also have
an asphalt plant and will mix your order on demand.

Whether you are a large construction company, contractor, landscaper or
homeowner, we have the rock products you need to complete your project.
The CHY Company
The CHY Company, the forestland division of Setzer Forest Products, was
formed in the late 1960's to hold and manage the Setzer family's 15,000
acres of Northern California forestlands.  These lands, primarily situated in
the Northern Sierra Nevada counties of Butte, Yuba, Plumas and Placer,
span the entire range of forest types from low elevation pine-incense cedar
to mid-elevation mixed conifer to high-elevation red fir.  The balance of the
ownership is located in Santa Cruz county and representative of the
Southern Coastal redwood-douglas fir forest type.

The CHY Company manages its forestlands to capitalize on and maximize
the total return from the abundant resources and opportunities available,
but within the context of recognizing the importance of and providing for the
protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the traditionally non-valued
forest resources.  CHY’s reputation has been built upon a long history of
forestland ownership and management.  And it is this commitment to long-
term ownership, forest productivity, and forest health that guides the land
management activities on its forestlands.