Cost-Share &
Grant Applications
There are a number of cost-share grant programs available at this time which
are designed as an incentive to forest landowners to actively manage their lands
in an effort to increase the overall health of their forest and, potentially, to help
protect public interests such as fire prevention, water quality, wildlife habitat, and
long-term production of forest products.  

These programs vary in the dollars that are available, the percent of costs that
will be paid by the grant, the type of treatments that are eligible for cost-sharing,
the cap rates for each practice, the administering agency, and the requirements
for management plans in order to quality.  

Let our staff at AFM help fit your needs with the best opportunity available for
cost-share grant money.  This is a vehicle for you to enhance the health and
safety of your forest at a significantly reduced cost.  It may even be possible to
provide the work yourself and get paid to do it!
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