Cost-Share Project Management
Similarly to logging administration, the best planning for cost-share projects can be
undermined by careless on-the-ground practices.  We make it a priority to carefully
supervise and fully administer and  supervise the cost-share project.  As with logging
practices, the following can help assure a successful project:

Properly matching the best available contractor with the specific job at hand.
We, at AFM, have worked with a number of excellent contractors who
  provide services including, tree planting, herbicide treatments, hand
  thinning, hand piling and chipping, biomass chipping, mastication, tractor piling
  and ripping, pruning, and road reconstruction including culvert installation.
Again, a major first step is to properly match the contractor with the contract.
  Services provided by AFM include:
          Solicit bids from various contractor, if appropriate, to obtain the best match
                  of quality and cost.
          Prepare a Contract that fairly protects the interests of the landowner and
                  the contractor.
          Insure that the contractor provides the appropriate certificates of insurance
                  naming the landowner as “additionally insured”.  This includes
                  general liability, automobile liability, and workers compensation.
          Have a pre-operations meeting on the job with the contractor to review the
                  specific requirements of the job and the timber harvest plan.
          Regularly review the project.  This will help to insure that the requirements
                  of the cost-share grant are complied with.  
          Provide the landowner with progress reports.
          Review and approve all contractor invoices prior to submission to landowner.
          Schedule a completion inspection with the appropriate agency representative.  
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