Management Plan Preparation
Forest Management Plans are detailed descriptions of the current condition of
your forest, a description of the desired condition of your forest, and
recommendations for treatments necessary to accomplish the desired changes.  

The overall health of your forest can be improved by judicious planning and
implementation of treatments, including timber harvest of selected merchantable
trees, thinning of sub-merchantable trees, clearing of brush, reforestation,
herbicides release, road and crossing repair and maintenance, wildlife habitat
improvement, and many others.   

These plans describe and map the necessary information, so as to assure that
subsequent activities will follow in accordance to the planning document.  These
plans may support cost-share programs such as the
California Forest
Improvement Program (CFIP), Forest Improvement Program (FIP), Stewardship
Plans, and EQIP.  The plans may also be used to support certification such as  
American Association of Tree Farms, FSC, and SCS.  Other plans may be
developed for purposes of estate planning, or the facilitation of long-term
harvest opportunities such as a non-industrial timber management plan.

Let AFM advise you if any of these management plans would help you to meet
your goals.
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