Marking / Measuring Trees
for Timber Sale
After considering the landowners goals, the present forest conditions, and the desired
conditions, the staff at Applied Forest Management, will mark each individual tree for harvest and
will measure a sample of the marked trees to determine the projected harvest volume.  The
following is a summary of the marking and measuring procedures utilized by AFM:

   When reviewing the project with the landowner, an AFM forester will review the specific
          criteria that will be utilized in determining which trees to harvest.  
  The mark will depend on the specific silvicultural prescription that is appropriate for each
          unique stand found on the property.  Please review some of the pictures provided in
          our photo gallery for a sample of some silvicultural prescriptions following harvest.  In
          all instances, it is desirable to harvest those trees that have been damaged, such as
          by insect, disease, fire, wind, or other physical contact and those trees that are
          exhibiting low vigor.  Trees that are genetically inferior and are stunted by those trees
          nearby are likely candidates to harvest as well.  In some cases, trees that are mature
          should be harvested to allow space for younger and more thrifty trees to take their
          place.  The trees chosen to be retained should result in as much diversity of species
          as is possible and be those trees that appear to be the most vigorous and healthy.  
  Trees will be painted at diameter breast height (dbh) and at the base to make it easy for the
          logger to determine which trees to cut and to verify that cut trees were so designated
          after the fact.  In some cases it may be desirable to mark the trees to keep (leave tree
          mark) and the remaining trees will be harvested.  This is most efficient when removing
          many small trees and leaving a fewer number of the largest and most healthy trees.
  A sample of trees marked will be measured to determine an estimate of the harvest volume
          by species.  This measurement (cruise) will be used to estimate the total volume to be
          harvested by species as well as tree count and volumes by diameter class.
  When possible, a sample mark will be reviewed by the landowner prior to completing the
          marking.  The landowner will generally have an opportunity to review the mark and to
          verify that it meets their goals prior to harvest.  
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