Timber Harvest Plan
The State of California requires that a timber harvest plan (THP) be prepared and
approved prior to any commercial operations within the state.  A THP is a very detailed
description of the present condition of the forest, the proposed treatments, and the
condition of the forest following harvest.  Specific issues that must be addressed

   General Information:  This includes ownership, the proposed Licensed timber
           Operator, Contact information, location of the property, the Registered
           Professional Forester who prepared the plan, and specific designation of        
   Plan of Timber Operations:  This section includes information related to
           silvicultural prescriptions, consideration to pests, harvesting practices,
           provisions for winter operations, roads and landings, watercourse protection
           measures, hazard reductions, and biological resources.
   Detailed Maps using GPS and GIS technology.
   Description of the project area.
   Cumulative Effects Analysis:  This analysis addresses subjects including
           watersheds, soil productivity, biological resources, recreation, visual, traffic,
           and other considerations.
   Archaeological Survey.

In some cases it is possible to do minor timber harvests with documentation to the state
less detailed and less expensive than a THP.  Some instances where this may be
possible includes selective harvesting within 150 feet of legally approved structures, the
harvest of trees determined by a professional forester to be dead or dying, the harvest
of trees killed by a natural event, the thinning of small diameter trees, the harvest of
Christmas trees or fuel wood, and specific harvesting of parcels less than three acres in
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