Tree Planting
The provision for establishment of  a new age class of trees, the future forest, is
a critical part of effective forest management.  This new crop can be established
either by natural regeneration, or by planting of seedlings.  Many criteria must
be considered when prescribing a tree planting effort, including:

    The species of trees naturally occurring on the site.
    The species of trees most likely to survive.
    The species of trees which would be expected to grow most quickly.
    The species of trees projected to have the highest future value.
    The age of the seedlings to be planted.
    The type of seedling to be planted, ie. bareroot or container.
    The type and size of container.
    The nursery best suited to grow the seedlings.
    The source of seed used for sowing at the nursery.
    The optimium season for planting, ie. spring/winter or fall.

The establishment of a well stocked and vigorous crop of young seedlings is an
itegral part in providing for a sustainable forest and long-term source of
Applied Forest Management
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