Timber Sale Marketing
Applied Forest Management has been very successful in obtaining the “top
dollar” for timber sold on behalf of our clients as well as our own timber.

Applied Forest Management can assure you that you will receive the highest
possible return for the sale of your timber based on our success over the years.  
Our typical sales program includes the following:

  Perform a reliable cruise on the timber that has been marked for harvest.  
          This information is helpful to you, the owner, for financial planning, the
          forester and logger for administrative planning, and the log buyer as
          he prepares his bid.
  Review the timber mark and the cruise data with the owner.
  Prepare an invitation to bid, bid form, cruise summary reports and log sale
          prospectus to be mailed to potential timber purchasers.
  Conduct a log buyers "show me trip” to the sale area.
  Receive and analyze sealed bids to determine the highest net return to the
  Review the bids and analysis with owner and make notification to all
  Prepare a Log sale Agreement for each successful buyer to be utilized as
          the sales contract.  
  Provide trip tickets to accompany each load of logs or other products.
  Receive and review scale tickets, bi-monthly mill statements, mill remittance
          documents, and verify that they are all in order.
  Prepare custom reports bi-monthly for owner with proceeds.
  Prepare California State Yield Tax forms for owners following harvest.

Special circumstances may necessitate a variation in log sales technique.  You
can be assured that we at AFM will do all that we can to obtain the highest
return on your behalf.
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