Photo Gallery - Silvics
What is Silvics?

Silvics - the study of the life history and general characteristics of forest trees and stands, with particular reference to
environmental factors, as a basis for the practice of silviculture. (Dictionary of Forestry)

Silviculture - the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests and
woodlands to meet the diverse needs and values of landowners and society on a sustainable basis. (Dictionary of Forestry)

Below are pictures of Silvicultural treatments/prescriptions.
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Blackoak leave within
hardwood conversion.
Commercial thinning and
Commercial thining of
Ponderosa pine.
Douglas-fir and
Ponderosa pine
conversion unit.
Douglas-fir stand with
high fire hazard.
Eastside selection and
new road.
Eastside selection
Eastside Sierra Selection
- Multi-aged stand.
Eastside Sierra Selection
Pine & Fir.
Fastgrowing Ponderosa
pine seedling - brush
herbicide treatment.
Mixed-conifer Seedtree
Jeffrey Pine Even-aged
Thinning system.
Older Plantation thinned
with a masticator.
Older shaded fuelbreak
along a main road.
Outstanding growth of
Ponderosa pine in a
thinned plantation.
Pine plantation following
Shelterwood presecription
with incense-cedar
Tanoak starting to die
following hack & squirt.
Seedtree Prescription.
Thinning of larger timber
and understory clearing
around camp.
Thinning of Ponderosa
pine stand - note the
regeneration in openings.
Tractor pile in small
Group Selection.
Understory treatment
around camp buildings.
Westside Seedtree
Westside Selection
Westside Shelterwood
Young Westside Sierra
mixed-conifer stand.
Young Ponderosa pine
pole stand mechanically